The Ezzy B Radio Show (pronounced as Eh–Zee B) a radio content provider, airs LIVE every Wednesday from 6:00 pm EST on, Da Flava Radio, and JW 107.9 FM, and replays on  WXSJ 97.3, WHTL 95.2 FM, WKDT 420 2 Lit Radio, Radio Primera and O-Tune Radio. The show includes co-host Ms. Shun C and many other guests from all walks of life, including celebrities, up and coming stars, authors, actors, artists, promoters, entrepreneurs, and more, from as far as S. Africa and Australia.  We are located in Atlanta, Ga; catering mainly to a national and internationally diverse listening audience. The show continues to be consistently in high demand from its inception over five years ago. The Award-Winning Host and Executive Director of the show, Ezzy manages to bring an exciting and professional show to the airwaves each week, while giving his guests one of the greatest experiences of life.


  • Believe it or not, digital platforms or streaming services are one of the fastest-growing industries today.
  • The opportunity to reach millions from any mobile device can help your business meet its targeted consumers right from the hands of our listening audience.
  • The affordable packages on our global radio platform would be great in assisting you to “get the word out” about your product, service, or event.   

 For details on becoming a guest or interested in advertising, please email us at  


Minimum guest/s requirements: 

Click on the button below to reserve your slot. Submit ALL applicable information from the list below to

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Guest Requests:

  • *Name of guest/s
  • *Headshot or promotional picture – must be professional or high-resolution (jpg or png only)
  • *Guest’s bio/press release/EPK
  •  Name of business or organization
  •  Business or organization info, press release, book/album covers, or other important info*
  •  The objective of your interview request
  • *Contact phone number

Music submissions:

  • MP3 file only
  • Tracks must be radio-friendly or edited
  • Tracks must be professionally mastered

A follow-up email or text message will be sent to you with your scheduled date and time when confirmed, or with an alternative date and time, if necessary. We highly recommend sending all required info at once to avoid email loss and extended delayed responses.  


  • All info must be submitted by the Sunday AM before the show date
  • Accommodation can be made after (line above) based on the availability of a new time slot
  • Once confirmed, we highly recommend that guests promote their presence on the show (Wednesday 6-8 pm) by, but not limited to social media, emails, texts, etc.
  • Guest/s are allowed to invite colleagues, associates, friends, etc to accompany them in the studio for support
  • The Ezzy B Show reserves to rights to use audio, pictures, and videos or any other contents of all guests for promotional purposes
  • Live Video Streaming is limited to a maximum of 10 minutes unless the stream source comes from the platform
  • All music and other content must be clean and radio-friendly
  • Guests are required to be in the studio at least 15 minutes before they go live on air
  • Failure to provide adequate info regarding being late or your unavailability to be on the show can or will forfeit your appearance and future opportunities on the show
  • Goods and services are considered to be a form of promotion that will require fees. We will notify you
  • Failure to submit the list of requirements above will result in a cancellation of your scheduled interview or will delay your scheduled date
  • Please ensure that your cell phone or WIFI signal is at its strongest before you’re connected to the show.



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The Ezzy B Show is a content provider shared with other authorized and licensed media platforms. We do not financially profit from the content we provide, nor do we hold a license. We act solely as an aggregator of the content which has been voluntarily submitted to us and facilitates the same for promotional purposes. All music is received via email or other sources provided by the owners or the creators for unlimited usage. 

Artists, musicians, content providers, and other guests agree to hold Ezzy Spotlight or The Ezzy B Radio Show harmless from any liability for any use and publication of such recordings and waive any personal or propriety right you may have with connection with such use.

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