Ezzy Spotlight is a multi-media platform that focuses on showcasing our hidden gems and more in our communities and beyond. Our services include but not limited to, spotlight featured guests, products/services, events, etc through our media platforms; digital and motion productions, just to name a few.  We strive to create an exciting, entertaining, and informative segment on every occasion.  

Our mission is to present our content at the highest quality, while we showcase our guests in the most effective and inspiring manner.

The Ezzy Spotlight segments are available on our Podcast featured live on our social media pages @EzzySpotlight, and on other media platforms. So, whether you are located locally or internationally, all guests’ appearances can be either virtual or in-person. 

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Submit your guest request to media@ezzyspotlight.com.
Please note a high-resolution photo, bio, and a short description of your story are required.

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